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I partner with local businesses in Jacksonville, FL, to help them manage their human resources while minimizing labor-related risks, so they can focus on what’s most important: growing their businesses!


Hiring the Right People

Poor hiring decisions can have a huge impact to your small business in recruiting and training, compensation, lost productivity, disruptions to the business, lower staff morale, and, possibly, severance and legal costs. These expenses can range from 30–150% of the employee’s annual salary depending on the position type.

Hiring mistakes will happen. Nevertheless, I can develop recruitment strategies to minimize them. Additionally, I provide related services such as creation of job descriptions or job postings, resume screening, and candidate interviews.


Establishing Workplace Policies and Handbooks

Labor laws and regulations change constantly. Simple, easy-to-understand, and current policies will protect your business and provide clear directions to employees. My experience in handling employee-related matters and developing workplace policies and procedures can be an asset to your company—whether you are looking for an update to existent policy handbook or development of a new one.


Training Your Managers

Do you feel that your management staff’s skills are adequate in areas such as discrimination and harassment, performance management, and interviewing?   I have years of training managers and employees in these topics and can design customized training plans for your organization or just deliver a one-time training session.

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“A good plan right now is far better than a perfect plan next week.” — Gen. George S. Patton

About Me

I work with professionals all over the United States and Latin America in exploring options to create careers that truly inspire them. I also provide HR consulting services to local small business owners in Jacksonville, Florida, in an effort to help them manage their human resources while minimizing labor related risks for their organizations.

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Rosa V. Alameda



410-10 Blanding Blvd. #144

Orange Park, FL 32073

Contact Me


410-10 Blanding Blvd. #144

Orange Park, FL 32073